chk_captchaThe mobile payments movement has seen significant following in the last decade. It has since grown rapidly and has now spread to the Casino Industry. The partnership between Casino’s and Mobile telecom operators has created a new offering in the form of Pay-By-Phone or Pay-By-SMS for its casino gamers. A payment option like this is faster in the sense that it is a self service portal, hence no interactions with 3rd party. It saves the user the hassles of carrying a wallet and eliminates effort of remembering passwords to e-wallets. Most operators have placed a ceiling on the maximum deposit per day, ensuring that maximum risk exposure of the customer is low.

However this may not suit the high volume gamblers. This payment method ensures safety as well, as users need not handover sensitive information every time adding funds to casino account. Operators have also placed a 1-Step / 3-Step security process to check validity of a transaction and to avoid dubious transactions. You must get redirected here in order to know more about the process. Over all this, the user does not have to maintain an account with the e-payments .To avail this option, one need to use a payment service like Payforit which also happens to be most widely used.

All one has to do is to visit the deposit page of the online casino, select pay-by-phone, enter amt of money to be deposited, then u shall be routed to Payforit portal where one has to input the number, enter the code received on your phone and deposit will be added to your casino account. Funds will show once the deposit is confirmed by you. However remember a valid and operational mobile no, either Post paid or pre- paid, is required. In case of post paid the deposit amount will be added to your incurred charges and in case of pre paid they shall be deducted from available mobile credit.

mobile-casinoHere are the findings in which the Pay-by-SMS option also works in a similar way whereby one gets his mobile registered at an online casino, then sends an SMS payment with payment details and receives back a transaction successful SMS. Consumers opting for this option are also offered attractive deals since it lowers the cost of casino by charging a lower fee per transaction than card processing entities. The only major drawback is that the infrastructure is sufficient to make payments but it does not enable withdrawals, which have to be made through conventional routes like cheque etc. Although a fixated gambler can lose track of payments and end up with huge bills, the daily limit imposed keeps a check on the maximum risk one is exposed to. Pay-by-phone is a convenient, faster, secure payment option as far as one remembers to pay phone bills.

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